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What Do You Think of a Traveler’s Guide?

I’ve been praying over and simmering on the book I am currently crafting — a Bible study to lead us through an exploration of suffering and joy. (Note last post.) This study will develop a theology of suffering and joy to help us make sense of the mixed bags of our lives and to help us grow up in Christ.

I thought I was going to write this book soon after completing my doctorate in 2016. I did begin various ventures in 2017, but I’m just now attempting to complete it so several groups can start using it in January 2020.  You, JNC readers, can work through drafted chapters with me, if you so desire, in the coming months.

I think the book will have twelve chapters and each chapter will have five to six sections. I thought I had decided on a book title and now I’m considering a second idea. I’d like your input.

What do you think of this title and sub-title? Continue reading

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The Ancient Paths and A “New Ology” to Enlighten Our Way

It’s time.  Time for a new topic and study. Of course, our previous theme, “spirituality,” is involved in everything we consider on JNC.

I think about you all as friends with whom I’d like to discuss all sorts of things. I’ve been tempted to go in five directions. Then, a month ago,  a friend asked me a question and put a particular expectation on me. Suddenly, I have direction. Wow.

For several years, I’ve been seeking God’s guidance on what to do with all the work I did to produce my doctoral dissertation. I have been willingly distracted by our move from Arizona to Indiana, getting settled in, spending time developing deeper relationships with some family members, searching for a church home, making new friends…. You understand. I was satisfied to procrastinate (while praying for God’s direction).

When Sandy, my close friend from high school, and her husband who live in South Carolina visited us last month, Sandy wanted to know what I have done with my dissertation. Was the book ready? She wants to teach it at her ladies’ Bible study at her church beginning this January. Sandy put a fire under me!

If I pursue this, would you be interested in having access to this Bible study that unfolds a biblical theology of suffering, but not only of suffering but of suffering and joy? Would you be interested Continue reading

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Balancing the Teeter Totter: Two Taxonomies

It’s time to turn a corner. Will you turn it with me? I know. Who knows what’s around it? (God.) Well, I’ll tell you what’s up. I would like to share my biblical research with you and others. With the Lord’s help, I plan to look for an agent and a publisher to help me transform my doctoral research project into useful material (spiritual nutrition and exercise) for the Body of Christ. That’s you (and me too!) .

I’d like to use this blog to find other people who are interested in my research topic, so I’m going to share the heart of the research with you. I’d like to ask you to forward my blog to everyone you know who may find meaning and blessing through this research. My topic, suffering and joy, is relevant to everyone.

I’ve worked on this project for three years, praying, searching Scriptures, evaluating life, and seeking God’s leading in my researching and writing. The product is a theology of suffering and joy: the doctrine of the dance between suffering and joy. (The title of this post employs a different metaphor.) I use some some special vocabulary which I will share with you, but don’t let words become walls. I’ll break terms down through meanings and usages.

I have constructed two taxonomies. Taxonomies are filing systems — ways of categorizing and organizing things. The color wheel categorizes colors. Your pantry organizes your food supply. The Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom with all their sub-data are taxonomies that help us identify and understand plants and animals.

This study’s first taxonomy, The Taxonomy of Suffering, names our pains. A corresponding Taxonomy of Joy responds to each kind (taxon) of pain. Here is the title of my doctoral research project:



Would this interest you or anyone you know?   Continue reading

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A Case for Suffering

Can you make a case for suffering? Most of you are probably familiar with Lee Strobel’s  A Case for Christ and A Case for Faith series. An atheistic journalist turned Christian apologist, pastor, and seminary professor, Strobel seeks to display the integrity of the historic claims of Christianity and to convince others to place their faith in Christ.  Holding many back is the dilemma of evil and suffering, both worldwide and personal. Suffering troubles everyone. Continue reading

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