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Genre: Prayer: For Whom? Gabe

My dear readers,

Today, I am supposed to address point two, Genre Identity, of our six points on The Reader-Navigator’s Map. Instead I’m going to ask for prayer. Yes, prayer is a genre, a category of communication both spoken and written. As a kind of literature, I can integrate it into our second point!

Prayer is a lifeline to the Lord. Like oxygen, we cannot live without it. Today, I want to ask you to pray for a 13 year old boy who is wasting away and will die without intervention — a miracle. This young man has dealt with neurological issues for years and has developed, probably from prescriptions, a disease called Akathisia, plus he has developed an eating disorder. Akathisia simply means” the inability to sit”; it is a movement disorder, an anxiety disorder. Combine this with an inability to eat or digest most foods, liquid or solid, and you can imagine the results. Continue reading

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Prayer for a Blessed Life

I told you about the teen girls’ all nighter I was to have last Friday night, so let me report. It went very smoothly. It ended up being the smallest one I’ve had with only five girls coming, but you put five teen girls together, and they have a grand time. I had lots of yummy food for them: Paul’s famous enchaladas, veggie plate, chips and salsa, banana bread, brownies…..  The girls had plenty of room and gathered in several places to chatter, chatter, chatter. One girl played my piano for quite a while and demonstrated a pleasant and broad repertoire. One girl loves to sketch, and showed her stack of fashion drawings and made some more.  They chose some games from my wicker game chest. They stayed up late and I went to bed, trusting them not to burn the house down. Continue reading

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Within My Wardrobe

Within the wardrobe of my heart, I can be close to God.  Over time He changes me, transforming me to be more like Jesus. In my last post, I wrote of Lucy and the Wardrobe she entered that changed her life. We read Rev. 3:20 in which Jesus invites Himself into our inner world to live with us. I also introduced you to Ruth Myers little prayer book.* Here is her “most basic act of worship” prayer: Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Door

You remember that Lucy thought it would be worthwhile (though her siblings did not) to try the door of the big wardrobe which was in an otherwise empty room in the professor’s sprawling country residence in England. I’m referring to C.S. Lewis’ book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The four children were exploring the house on a rainy day. However, it was Lucy’s sense that the wardrobe was worthy of exploration that changed her life as well as her sibling’s lives. Young Lucy was given wonder-filled uncommon sense. Continue reading

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