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Lynx Lake in Prescott National Forest, 15 minutes west of our AZ home.

You’ll find the following pictures, and more to come, in a separate page that you can access (I hope) when you go to my homepage on JNC. Thanks for reading! I hope that my thoughts direct your thoughts toward the Lord, His Word, and what is important in life, both here and now as we “journey north,” and then as we enter the best life which is yet to come.

To quote my main aim in smithing JNC (stated at the end of my profile which you can access by clicking on my Gravatar, that picture of me below the header):

“I’m wearing my eye glasses or ‘life lenses’ which instruct me to ‘Look for the Lord in every page of Scripture, in every corner of nature, and in every chapter of my life.’ No matter the direction of my life, it’s a journey north.”

I need this reminder. Maybe you do too.

Let me know if this works and you can access this page from my homepage. You should be able to click on “JNC Special Pictures” located above the header.


Becoming Dr. Karen Thomas Olsen


Paul, Karen, and Amanda Olsen after a satisfying brunch at                                          Cafe de la Presse in the heart of San Francisco.











Amanda and her dad in Sedona, Arizona.

Our grandsons, Ryland and Aiden with Papa O and their mother, our daughter, Charissa. Feeding bread crumbs to the duckless pond. Come back here, ducks!  Note the Burger King crowns!

Papa O and his grandsons.









                                        Front: Susan and Gary                                                                                 Back: Elaine (my sister), Karen, and Donna.                                                        Susan and Gary are now in heaven.


















Dustin DeFord, a faithful firefighter.   Dustin, age 24, was one of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots from Prescott, Arizona, who gave his life in fighting the Yarnell blaze on June 30, 2013.


Ryan & Dustin DeFord and Jason Ramos with Paul at our house on January 13, 2013, less than a half year before the Yarnell Hill  fire.

Paul with  Dustin & Ryan DeFord at our dinner table. They had Father’s Day dinner with us, just two weeks before Dustin’s home-going.









I snapped this and the following two photos while strolling with Paul along a trail hovering close to the Pacific coastline, south of Paul’s home town, Crescent City, California. (Note that the picture in my header, taken a few years earlier,  was taken just south of here.)

A symbiotic relationship exists between water and land. Genesis 1:6-10

A wise choice…. for a journey north. Selah.


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