Genre: Prayer: For Whom? Gabe

My dear readers,

Today, I am supposed to address point two, Genre Identity, of our six points on The Reader-Navigator’s Map. Instead I’m going to ask for prayer. Yes, prayer is a genre, a category of communication both spoken and written. As a kind of literature, I can integrate it into our second point!

Prayer is a lifeline to the Lord. Like oxygen, we cannot live without it. Today, I want to ask you to pray for a 13 year old boy who is wasting away and will die without intervention — a miracle. This young man has dealt with neurological issues for years and has developed, probably from prescriptions, a disease called Akathisia, plus he has developed an eating disorder. Akathisia simply means” the inability to sit”; it is a movement disorder, an anxiety disorder. Combine this with an inability to eat or digest most foods, liquid or solid, and you can imagine the results.

Something has happened to him neurologically that makes him hyper sensitive to everything, and it’s been a downward spiral increasing in negative consequences. In his hyper anxiety, he cannot sit and sleeps very little. He walks and walks around the house and yard. Gabe cannot keep much down; vomits food, so then that increases his anxiety. He has lost much weight (as well as height), so much so that his heart and life are in jeopardy.

His parents have taken him to many doctors. Now, riding in a car is extremely difficult for him. They have found no one to help him, and his problems have been increasing over the years.

So, I ask for prayer for today and this week. His parents have driven him and his siblings to the Amen Clinic in the Washington D. C. area over the week end and will be at the clinic most of this week. The clinic has not dealt with this issue, but does with related issues and a broad range. If you google the Amen Clinic, you can learn about their work.

Please pray for Gabe, his mother and father, and his four younger siblings. The toll on the entire family is huge, as you can imagine.

I will update this post later. I must get to my exercise class, but I want this out fast.

Which is what I’ve been doing for several days now, fasting for Gabe; (my version is a nutrient dense liquid diet). I know we’re not supposed to announce our fasting as the Pharisees did, and I don’t think I am!  I’m saying it to say how serious this is, how precious Gabe and his family are, and how dependent we all are on the Lord. Totally dependent (Col. 1:16); therefore, we are gratefully dependent upon prayer from the Body of Christ.

Love to you all and gratitude for your uplifting this young man and his family!!




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2 thoughts on “Genre: Prayer: For Whom? Gabe

  1. Judi

    Hello Karen,

    I am praying for Gabe and his family…it almost seems like the accounts in the NT of demonics.
    That Jesus had compassion and released them from such great affliction. Fasting is for the purpose of releasing bonds…
    I praise the Lord for your concern enough to fast for their situation/condition.

    Thanks for sharing your burden for Gabe with us.


  2. Thanks for opportunity to see God answer prayers….


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