The Adventure Begins

“Does anybody here need Jesus?” asks Milton Carroll in his modern, Christian chorus.  Does anyone reading this blog want to know Him, not only as your Savior, but also as your friend, intimate companion, and mentor?  Does anyone want to be more like Jesus?  Are you a parent, a student, a teacher, a coach, a staff member, a grandparent?  We’re on this journey together.

This is a new blog for our Troy Christian Schools family.  Journey North Character. Here at TCS, we aim to focus on character development as the heart of our endeavors, and by that, we mean growing in Christ from the inside out.  So, this blog is a place where we can talk about spiritual growth and the Christian walk.

What does it really mean to be a Christian?  What difference does it make to you and those around you?  What does it mean to be SALT in our world now?  SALT: Speaking, acting, looking/leading, and thinking like Christ. Wow, is that a high calling. It’s impossible! Well, it’s a calling that can only be realized a step at a time by the energy of God the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of us and works among us.  We’re traveling together, so let’s start a conversation.

To get into the conversational loop, you may want to check out our Character Compass of Christ literature we have developed to use with ourselves, our students and our families.  You can find the documents by logging into RenWeb click on Resource Documents under the School Information menu list. The documents are listed under Document Archives.

I’ll be back here with another blog entry in a few days.  Keep checking this blog.  As your host and conversation guide, I’ll write about once a week on an area of spiritual growth, and you can post comments and questions when you like. We’ll develop a pace.

Here’s our first topic: How does a child experience God?  Do you remember your young childhood?  What are your first memories of God? Possibly an idea of the invisible and abstract world preceded an idea of God in your mind. How did you come to know Christ?  What did that mean to you?

I’ll start the dialogue with my first remembered awareness at age 4, and then I’ll share an amazing account of a two year old’s spiritual hunger. Our personal memories evaluated biblically can help us understand and connect with our children today and can help teens and adults to re-connect with the Lord.  Unless we “change and become like little children”… well, what did Jesus say about little children?

Journeying North with you,

Karen Olsen

Matthew 18:2-4

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2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. Shelly Calvert

    I was not brought up in a church, so my first thoughts about God came from neighborhood friends. I went to a camp with my friend and accepted Jesus. My friend cried and cried. I was confused by that. Although I may have been going along with the crowd in my acceptance of Jesus, it had an impact on me that I thought about for months and years–even now. Soon after, my beloved Grandfather died. I imaged him as my guardian angel watching over me through all of my elementary years. Somewhere in all of that, I gave my life to Jesus. My friends led me to Him and I am grateful. As an adult, I see how even my adult friendships keep me strong in my faith.

    A new, precious friend in the faith shared this post on facebook that I believe is so true:

    The Whole World Worships

    “…the whole world, Christian and non-Christian, worships. Everyone bows down before something; everyone adores someone or something to the point of surrendering to it and being mastered by it…”

    — Harold M. Best

    I hope all of us, young and old alike, are pointing to the one true God. You never know who you might be affecting. My childhood friend was brought to tears when she pointed me in the right direction. ❤

  2. Karen Olsen

    Thanks for your story, Shelly! Yes, we all worship something, and at this Christmas season, it’s a good time for us to be evaluating our worship. Are we really worshiping our Savior, Jesus Christ, or are we bowing down to things, accomplishments, goals, and people?

    It is beautiful that you had such a beloved Grandfather and that you had friends who loved you so much as to share Jesus with you. Your story illustrates the importance of good friends and their influence.

    Well, I’m sorry to take two weeks to respond to your reply, but I did not see that the blog was up on our website and running! I think we’re on a roll now. Hope others join the conversation!

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