Character Steps on a Journey Northward

We are like the box top picture on a 5000 piece puzzle: our children get the idea of what life looks like through the pictures of our lives. Other people also provide box top pictures of life for us and our children. We’ve considered Sokvannarra (Sy) Sar, a young man from Cambodia who came to America and has become a classical ballet dancer. Sy’s life demonstrates humility, loyalty, tenacity, selflessness, perseverance, kindness, respect and honor. Recently, we’ve been looking at some scenes from my story. What character qualities do you observe that God was shaping in me?

Learning to say “Yes” to God after having told Him “No” required energy from the Holy Spirit who taught me first how to repent – to change my mind so I could turn and go another direction — following God’s path. The Holy Spirit taught me self-control as a base for love and obedience. He helped me to communicate respectfully with my parents and family, so that we stayed on the same team working together, instead of butting heads divisively.

The Holy Spirit taught me courage to face big fears and to do things I had never done before, along with  joy and gratitude in response to God’s blessings. I learned to observe blessing in hard choices (attentiveness) and then to receive the joy of more blessings poured out on me as God showed me how He was going to provide for me and protect me through godly leaders at Baymonte Christian High School and through Mr. and Mrs. Humphreys who invited me to live with them and their daughter on their beautiful estate. God grasped the big picture. I simply clutched a few puzzle pieces in my hand and had the little circle of light right in front of me. I was learning  faith and trust in God.

Seven months after I moved to California against my will and in surrender to God’s will, I met this tall, handsome aeronautical student from San Jose State University at a Bible Study for singles in the Redwood mountains of Mount Hermon. Another year would pass before we started dating, but we were in the same circle of friends and learned to know each other in a natural way.  Now, we’ve been married for 31 ½ years, experiencing a deepening love and friendship. God brought us to Ohio where we had and raised our family. Our children are grown and gone, so it’s the two of us again. I’m so glad that we have invested in our relationship. It is there for us now. The Lord has always been with us, and we hope that our marriage honors Him.

My dad used to say, “If you’re under 103, you’re a child.” We’re God’s children. As His children, we are always learning. And God “causes all things to work together” for our good in order to conform us (shape our character) into a likeness of Christ (Romans 8:28-29). We’re not just getting older; we are getting better. Our journey is true north – toward God. As our children traverse life’s paths, may they travel with us taking character steps on a journey northward.

Blessings to you as you walk and share your journey.

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One thought on “Character Steps on a Journey Northward

  1. Kathy

    Thanks for sharing part of your story 🙂

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