Sigh! Humorous Interlude (Not Interloper) Needed!

We’re supposed to be on Part III of our serious consideration regarding good and evil.  At times we need a break from such a heavy topic, so I have a light interlude for us today. I’ll offer myself as my own comic relief character. I’m puzzled and embarrassed. All I can do is laugh at myself, invite you to laugh with me, and ask for help — if anyone knows the answer!!

Here’s the situation:

About 4 posts ago, I began to get an email notice with each post I published saying that I like my own post! It was obviously a programmed, standard notice, but somehow, I have clicked on something in the administration mode that automatically lists me as one who likes my posts! The notice that WordPress sends me says, “You’re so vain, You probably think [title of the post] is about you!” And then at the bottom of each post on the blog, there is a line where any reader who clicks on “likes this post” is listed, and there I am with my picture on my own blog, shown as someone who likes my own article!  How embarrassing, and I haven’t figured out how to “de-like” myself! So, it keeps showing up with each post, and if you look down this page, you’ll probably see it again.

Adding to this humorous chagrin, after my last post, the title was inserted into those brackets, so the email notice to me read as follows:

“You’re so vain. You probably think ‘For Goodness Sake: Evil, the Interloper’ is about you!”  Ouch!!  Ha, ha!  So, if you know how to de-activate that setting on a WordPress blog, let me know! I don’t mean to “like” my own post! And I certainly hope I am not Evil, the Interloper!!!!

Well, it is said that we should be able to laugh at ourselves, not taking ourselves too seriously. Here’s another great opportunity for me! And I’m giving you the opportunity to laugh along!

Chuckle, chuckle!


PS: Oh, I just found one button to “de-click,” and we’ll see if I pat myself on my own back this time! Experimenting in the dark!!

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2 thoughts on “Sigh! Humorous Interlude (Not Interloper) Needed!

  1. Louis Mann

    “When” I start my blog, I’ll have to keep this bit of humor in mind. If I don’t then, – “he who laughs last laughs best!”

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