Good Reads, Good Health, and Good Deeds

Time to turn a corner on topics.  I’m beginning a series on good reads, good health, and good deeds — a loose arrangement of topics that may be of benefit to you. Thank you for reading my posts.  I want to bless you.

When you read The Wall Street Journal or People Magazine, you do so (if you do) for differing reasons. You have purposes. You are looking for certain kinds of information and articles. You are in the doctor’s office, biding time until you are called. This may be the main reason you pick up a People Magazine.  So, why do you with your busy lives read my blog, and why do I write it?compass-graphic-2.jpg

Some of you read my blog because you are my friends, and we share interests. Many of you discovered my blog other ways.  If you’ve followed me or have looked at my early posts, you know I began this blog under the leadership of Troy Christian Schools in Ohio, when I was their Curriculum Director. The early posts were a connection between school and home, centering on character development themes. When I retired and the blog was passed on to me to develop as my own personal blog, I changed the look and the sub-title.

This is still Journey North Character. The sub-title is now more personal: “Walking with Christ, Becoming More Like Him.” An audacious goal, but a biblical one. We do have the Holy Spirit who, with our cooperation, is the source of our transformation,  The whole concept takes my breath away — becoming like Christ.

In such a transformation, there is no topic not connected to this life long, eternity long project. Whatever impacts who we are and how we relate to God, others, and our environment is appropriate to discuss. Since the Lord is my Lord and yours, everything is under the umbrella of His Lordship — His kingdom.

This perspective, however, leaves us with an open field and a need to make a plan, striking out on a path. Thus, the next path I will plow through will be directed toward the topics given in the opening and title of this article.  I just wanted to give you a “heads up”!

When you read The Wall Street Journal, you expect to find breaking political news, business and financial news, what’s happening with the markets and real estate. . . .  When you read People Magazine, you expect to find salacious pictures and gossipy stories that are supposed to be true about well known people — 99% of which you need not know and probably would be better off without considering.  But, of course, there are life lessons you can extract from such “journalism.”

When you read a post on JNC, I hope you will find a wide, biblical lens through which to consider life — on some things often overlooked — the micro world of little observations — plus the macro world of conceptual reasoning about life.  People are often too busy to reflect. My mind mulls and muses no matter how busy I am, but my days are not as packed as yours. I have plenty of quiet time.

I’d love to have you interact more with JNC, if you can squeeze in a few moments to do so. However, I’m pleased if you read some of my posts and if something somewhere in them blesses you, resonates with you, or brings some light on a puzzlement, and challenges us to go back to the Scriptures. If we can simply share in the unsolved mysteries of life together, leaning on the everlasting arms rather than on ourselves (Proverbs 3:5-6), then we please the Lord (II Cor. 5:9).

While I’m posting this just two days after my last post, I’ll try to maintain a two times a month publication. That is not too often to become tedious nor too spread out to lose momentum. I hope.

There, you have my update and thinking. I hope you stay on board and are strengthened in your faith, as we walk together with Christ. The journey north contains all sorts of colors and textures, straight and curving roads, and unexpected turns.  A holy life — a life devoted to living in Christ for God’s honor  — is also a creative life. In all life’s challenges, we have the capacity for joy.  Therefore, we have much to consider via Journey North Character.

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