Input from You

Dear Reader,

I am considering making some changes to this blog, so I need your input.

JNC, was birthed on Novemeber 1, 2011 as a part of the ministry of Troy Christian Schools in Troy, Ohio. As the school’s Curriculum Director, I was the author of each post, hoping to encourage parents. After I retired in the summer of 2012, the school turned it over to me at my request to develop on my own. JNC has no connection to the school, so I am free to shape this blog as I see fit.

Not only do people have many reasons for writing blogs, readers choose to read for various reasons. So, please respond to a few questions listed below.

First, a bit more context…. Most of you have never commented on JNC.  I just blab away, shaping a topic the way my mind processes a bit of a theme. Some of you have told me you don’t like to respond to a blog, but you like reading my blog. I suppose that I don’t know most of you. I do not do Facebook and do not promote my blog.

As far as those signed up, our readership is 72 people. I sometimes hear from other bloggers. A few folks have told me they’ve shared a post or the site with a friend. So, this blog is a little ripple in a little pond. That’s fine, if it blesses you in some ways.

What is the purpose of this blog? The subtitle under Journey North Character states “Walking with Christ, Becoming More Like Him.”  Sounds straight forward, and admittedly, embarrassingly audacious (until you realize it’s God’s stated goal for us, enabled through His provision – the Holy Spirit!). So, the primary goal of this blog is to encourage you in your life – transforming walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. A secondary goal/purpose is to share Christ via my biblical understanding and experience (and your responses) with others who are not yet on a walk with Christ. May more join the walk. Let me ask you:

1. Why do you read this blog? Or, what benefit(s) have you found from reading these posts?

2. How often do you read the posts?   Always,  Usually,  Sometimes,  Seldom.

3. What changes would you recommend that would make this blog more appealing and meaningful to you? Maybe suggest some topics to pursue, format changes, whatever might be helpful.

4. Have I connected with you? Am I too focused on a line of thought to connect? Am I too stiff, too formal? Or, do you just like it this way, where I develop a theme and you take what you want from it?  My style is not chatty or cute. I’m not chic, cool, or cleaver. Are you okay with that?

5. I would like more interaction. Are you there? Who are you? Ah. Writers and speakers are taught, “Know your audience.” To a large degree, I don’t know my audience.  So I ask, “Who are you?” Tell me something about yourself, your interests, and maybe what you’d like out of this blog.

That’s it. Please pick out a few questions to answer. The more questions you answer, the more helpful. If you don’t want your response “out there” (as a few have told me), then respond to my email at .  Whether via JNC or email, I’d appreciate hearing from you!

God’s rich blessings on your week

as we journey north, walking with Christ, while He changes us to be more like Him,

from glory to glory.



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2 thoughts on “Input from You

  1. debra

    I always read your blog; I do not have any suggestions- do not think anything needs improved. I read your blog because you exhort, encourage and edify my r/t with Jesus. I feel that you write honestly, and humbly from your heart with the purpose to help the reader along with your own personal reasons. Don’t stop! 🙂

  2. Carolyn

    Karen I always read your blog because you are my friend and I want to know what God is doing in your life and laying on your heart. It always blesses my heart. I think you should just keep asking God what He wants you to share and that’s what you write about. Of course not everything will be for everyone, but there will be someone that will be given a clearer vision because you shared. Thank you my friend for taking the time to give back.

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