Christian Spirituality: A 12 Verse Dance OR A 12 Point Framework

A dance sounds much more interesting than a framework. Dancers listen and move —  responsively and actively. A framework, like a musical score, sets direction and boundaries for the movements. The dance attracts, offering adventure, while the framework protects, offering wisdom and security.

Before we begin a new series, I want to close (for now) this series on spirituality.  In this series, I didn’t move well enough from abstraction to illustration these six months, but I do not want to take more space and time to move in that direction.

Today, I’m going to present a chart to you, based on the framework I began in draft form on April 10 and July 11. I’ve revised, added references, and expanded points up to an even dozen. I was tempted to add more, but you can!

I hope you find the chart useful. Read the Scriptures after each point. Lots of rich food there! The points may seem basic or obvious to many of you, but when you read the passages, the points no longer seem basic. These Scriptures should move your heart!

You can print the chart and use it as a Bible study, exploring the given Scriptures and adding more references. You may want to take notes in a journal. Attempt to connect dots: the comparison/contrast dots between biblical points, your own personal experience, and various ideas you hear from various sources. You may wish to reword some of my statements in the chart.

I hope you do employ it as a Bible study, maybe with others! I’d love to hear your thoughts on its usefulness or your suggestions for improvement.

Life is like a dance. Scripture does provide guiding rhythm, melody, and harmony — structure and wise boundaries for our lives, our dance. Sometimes, we need help in hearing Scripture’s framework and music. But when we hear it, we need to hear it again and again (Rom. 10:17).

Click on the title below and it will download the Word document which you can then read on your computer, and you can print copies.

A Biblical Framework for Interpreting Life




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