Progress Via Plodding

What have I accomplished since my last post?

I informed you of my aims to start a podcast, build a website, and publish (unsure of the form and method) my book. So, since then, I’ve further researched publishing approaches and podcasting. I’ve taken several online courses in self-publishing and in podcasting. I’ve listened to You-Tube talks on the subjects. I made some decisions and made some purchases.

Let me explain, but first, make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post to access a fascinating and outstanding documentary entitled The God Who Speaks. It is worth your attention, and you may want to pass it on to others.

Back to my plod, plod, plodding progress report.

First, I should tell you that I still have not fixed the problem I have with uploading my photos from Google Photos. But we did discover why I can no longer do so. I have to purchase an upgrade in WordPress in order for me to access those photos. I could do so for a while (after moving my photos from another program to G-Photos), but then in order to maintain the option, I learned that I now have to upgrade my WordPress blog site.  Sigh.

I have not make this purchase, because I have not yet bought my new website in which I plan to place everything: my podcast, resources, and links. I could upload my pictures there rather than here on JNC. I don’t like that idea. Maybe I should just upgrade this blog site and not create a new website. I can always place my podcast on a number of servers (such as Spotify, Rumble, YouTube, and other places). But, hmm, I really want that new website as a home for everything (including a link to JNC) and a way for us to connect. I could use Facebook, but I really don’t like it. Many do. If you do, I’m sure you are a blessing there, and are blessed by it.

I’ll continue to explore options, pray, and I’ll we’ll see…

From my media file I had accumulated before using Google Photos. We need some visuals here!!


I’ve wanted to publish A Traveler’s Guide through Suffering and Joy through a good, Christian publishing house. I’ve explored a number of them. Reducing them to a few I’d like to work with, I read their protocols. It is hard to break into the traditional market in these times when it is so hard for them to make a profit. You need to be a known author or personality, and you need a following and “platform”.

This past January, I wrote a query letter to a conservative, Christian publishing house that I really respect. This well known company publishes works by significant authors. It was silly of me, but reading their guidelines made me want to give it a try. I submitted a  query letter. (If they want to pursue your book, they respond by inviting you to submit your proposal.) Following this company’s book proposal guidelines, I crafted all the parts to the book proposal and felt good about the written presentation.  However, this publisher was not interested in my work.

An “old” college friend who is the head of a small publishing company encouraged me recently to pursue self-publishing. Her publishing house is only publishing two books this year and is focused on keeping up with its standard stock of publications.  I had explored the self-publishing route some years ago and did not want to take it. I had taken an online course in Kindle self-publishing through  Amazon back in 2017 when we still were living in Arizona. So, I pulled out that notebook last month and reviewed the material. Then I got online and found another program and did another course, learning more recent developments and other options. All of this took plenty of energy.

The idea of developing a podcast was born from all of this exploration, plus the experience of teaching my Traveler’s Guide Bible study in my home on Friday mornings and the experience of helping a group in South Carolina work through this study.  The participants in these groups have three ring binders in which they place chapter material, printed from Word document attachments that I send. There is versatility in this approach.

It has been a joy to engage with others as we explore these nine discoveries of suffering and joy from the Word of God. My ladies inspire me, and the Scriptures thus observed nourish us. I see each person strengthened and uplifted. So, if I can’t find help in publishing my material, I see the open door of the website and podcast. Through the podcast, I can teach my material and through the website I can make the chapters available to people.

Asking the Lord for direction.

Next, I researched podcasting online, reading much, and then I listened to YouTube instructors. Finally, Paul and I contacted Sweetwater Sound which has its headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Through them, we determined the basic podcasting equipment we need and bought it. Sweetwater has a podcasting “club” that I’m joining, made up of area podcasters who support and help each other! The first meeting I get to attend is on June 8. We’ll see….

So there it is. You haven’t heard from me in over a month, but I’ve been plodding along, asking the Lord to make a clear path for me.  I still hold to the goals of developing a website and podcast in which I can share my research and Bible study, A Traveler’s Guide through Suffering and Joy. I’m also thinking that I’ll branch out and teach other topics such as how to study the Bible…. I would also like to incorporate interviews and oral reading. I’d like to produce my book in audio. I’d like to do book reviews. And more.

All the while, I am working from within a body that is working against me. Physically, I’ve had a harder time of it the last two months. So, my productivity is limited. My limitations actually make my goals more sensible. Once ideas are written or recorded, the repetition is there for the taking. I don’t have to do it again, unless I want to and can do so.

My view is that as a Christ-follower, my goal is to echo the message, the gospel, the kingdom life worldview. Each of us is an echo. Our sound passes on as we journey, and then our journey is over. I’m looking ahead. I don’t know how long my journey is, so I want to get done what I need to. And part of that “getting done” is my person being “redone” by the Spirit, from grace to grace.

So, I’d appreciate your continued prayer over this journey. I hope that you will be able to access my Bible study and my recordings yet this year.

Now check out the following. It will strengthen your faith. Share it with others.





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2 thoughts on “Progress Via Plodding

  1. Debra

    I am praying that you will hear Fathers’ voice telling you which way to go and that the path will be made smooth and conducive to you.
    I miss our visits. Please let me know if you are ever in the area 🙂

    • Karen Thomas Olsen

      Thank you, Deb, so much!! We’d love to get together! Thank you for the encouragement. I’ll let you know when we are in your area, and let us know if you can get to Fort Wayne! We’d love to have you visit us! Feathers!!

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