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“Social Distancing” or “Spatial Distancing”: Living from Home

Much has happened since my last post, when Paul and I were still in Florida. We left Florida, spent five days in South Carolina, and arrived home safely on Friday, March 13. I had a list of topics I wanted to develop, but evidences of a fallen and groaning earth have encroached upon all of our plans. 

Paul and I did get sick with the flu while in South Carolina, which caused us to shorten by a few days our two month long, southern experience. We are almost recovered, but we too, like most Americans, are now hunkering in at home. 

In this post, I’m going to offer some “good ideas” (I hope you’ll agree) for living at home during this season of “social distancing.” I’d prefer to call it “spatial distancing,” because I think we should work all more intentionally during this time at cultivating relationships,  just from a spatial distance. 

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