The Breath of a Vapor

Every year goes so fast. We’re already well into January! Scripture tells us that our lives are like a vapor (James 4:14), so isn’t it interesting that we honestly act surprised at experiencing what we already know is true?  This demonstrates two levels of knowing.  Why does it take life experience to know the truth?  Where does humble, inexperienced (child-like) faith come in? Faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17).  Yet, faith also grows through experience (Hebrews 11).

The vapor speed of life stirs up stress and anxiety.  I’m experiencing that right now.  Are you?  How do I grow in Christ and His character when my heart won’t settle down?  For you, dear parent, how do you grow in Christ and His character when from the moment your feet hit the floor until your body folds under those sheets again late that night, you are simply answering the call of the immediate: cries for clean clothes, no time for a decent breakfast, where are those keys?, while driving to work thoughts of that difficult person you’ll have to face this morning nag your mind, and, oh, Joey’s game tonight conflicts with a deacon’s meeting!

I’ve written myself into a corner. I do not have answers for you.  But God does in His Word. When we share those words with each other, sometimes they come across as clichés.  However, most clichés become clichés because there’s some truth we need to heed at their center. Often our irritation simply exposes our pride voicing its indignation. It’s time to yield. And there’s peace in yielding.

God’s answer to our anxiety over the speed of our lives is for us to choose little moments to “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).  Try one minute stops several times a day, taking a deep breath and turning your heart’s eye to the LORD, saying, “You are God; I am not. I’m leaning on You, not myself.” In that moment, yield, lean in, and rest. With a smile, thank Jesus for that moment. Then carry on.

From the first bright light of morning,

To the last warm glow of dusk;

Every breath we take is sacred,

For it is God’s gift to us.*

 How are you doing?


*Hymn text by Claire Cloninger.

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3 thoughts on “The Breath of a Vapor

  1. Shelly

    Thank you for bringing scriptural truth to me today! I love the advise of taking a still minute throughout the day. It made me take a deep breath just thinking about it 🙂

  2. Shelly


  3. Karen Olsen

    Thanks for your words! Scripture tells us to “pray without ceasing.” I think the concept here is a continual openness within one’s spirit to the Holy Spirit and to be talking with God fluidly while we are doing whatever we are doing. Those moments when we stop, take a deep breath, and say “I’m still now, and I know You are God and the Lord of my life; I’m not” — this is part of continual prayer.
    Biblical spirituality is very practical! I’ve been dealing with migraine headaches. I have to be very careful in my movements at times, and I pray through these times. I’m praying that as I trust the Lord more, there will be less physical tension in my body.

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