Your Spiritual Wardrobe for those Cactus-Sitting Moments

“Would You Praise Him on a Cactus?” is the title of one of my favorite children’s poems. You may ask, “What does a cactus have to do with my spiritual wardrobe?”  Yeh, I know, my mind takes some strange turns. You may want to check out the last post, and then stay with me here. We’ll see what happens.

You really need to read this poem aloud and with great expression!

                                                     Would You Praise Him on a Cactus?

Would you praise Him

On a cactus?

Would you praise Him

Just for practice?

Would you praise Him

In a hole?

Would you praise Him

On a pole?

Would you praise Him

When you’re small?

Would you praise Him

When you’re tall?

Would you praise Him

In a tree?

Would you praise Him

On your knee?

Would you praise Him

In old shoes?

Would you praise Him

When you lose?

Would you praise Him

Beating drums?

Would you praise Him

With smashed thumbs?

Would you praise Him

Blowing bubbles?

Would you praise Him

In your troubles?

Would you praise Him

Hot or cooler?



 Ha! Don’t you love this poem? I’ve skipped about seven verses, but I’ve quoted  plenty.  You can make up some of your own verses! This would be a great Table Talk topic for your family!!!

Oh, how does this relate to spiritual warfare and our spiritual wardrobe? Say, I bet you can make some connections.  What do you think?

Remember the following from the previous post: Courage and confidence are rooted in a spiritual mindset that requires internalizing God’s Word to the point that it is externalized – described metaphorically as getting dressed – decked out in God’s protective gear.

Okay, now how does this relate (metaphorically) to praising Him on a cactus? (Note Ephesians 6:10-18.)

Did you check out as I suggested last time??? It’s the source for Our Daily Bread devotionals, which have been around since 1938!  However, on (or type in, you can click on ODB and a man will read the devotional to you and will read the related Scripture passage also!  I like to listen to these devotionals while cooking , washing dishes,  folding clothes, or while I’m getting dressed in the morning.  Sometimes, I click again and listen to it a second time, so I can take it in better.  This helps me to dress spiritually for the day! Try it and try RBC’s other online and printed resources!  Do whatever it takes to dress well, so that when those cactus-sitting moments come (ouch!), you can still praise your loving Lord.

* Marjorie Ainsborough Decker, The Christian Mother Goose Book.

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