A New Chapter Begins

The Grand Canyon: Sunset or Sunrise?

Journey North Character will begin a new chapter in August. When the school year ended, I did not communicate with you our summer plans because I did not know them! After prayer and after conferring with the administration at Troy Christian and with my technical assistants, we have finally made some important decisions.

First, we have decided to move the blog, Journey North Character, from the Troy Christian Schools website to Accentmarks.org, my personal website.  Please note that I do not plan to post new articles until August in order to have the month of July to prepare.

I have been with Troy Christian (beginning under Dayton Christian Schools) since 1996, and it has been a blessing to be a part of this ministry. When my husband’s job transferred him to Prescott Valley, Arizona in May 2007, I stayed in Ohio part of the year and was in Arizona the rest of the year.  Troy Christian Schools kept me on board working long distance with curriculum development. I’ve worked under Jeanne Ward’s leadership in curriculum, and now my time with TCS is closing as my curriculum assignments are complete and my contract concludes this week (end of June). The question was the future of Journey North Character.

Journey North Character has been an experiment of sorts. Thank you for hanging in there with me in this learning curve. Character growth is both a spiritual and a practical reality – at the heart of our identity in Christ. Therefore, I am interested in continuing to explore this theme. I would like to cultivate more conversation –  interaction from readers. It would be very meaningful to me to have your input regarding both the how and the what!

If you want to continue to receive JNC via email or to access it  via the website, you will be able to do so through  Accentmarks.org, which will be available later in July. I will get back with you within the next few weeks with further information and direction. You may email me now or at any time at Kltolsen@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading JNC articles and participating. I hope to improve this blog and to build Accentmarks.org  as God enables me.

God’s best to you. Hope to hear from you soon!

Karen Olsen

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One thought on “A New Chapter Begins

  1. Bev

    Hi Karen I’m pleased you are going to continue with JOURNEY NORTH CHARACTER as you have a wonderful God-given gift of writing that is always inspirational and speaks to one’s heart.

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