Journey North Character: New Look; Same Heart

Welcome!  We’ve been on summer break, and now it’s time to rev up this blog again!  I hope you like JNC’s new appearance!  I’ve been writing for Journey North Character under the leadership of Troy Christian Schools in Troy, Ohio.  Since I am now “retired,”  JNC was recently released to me to manage independently.

I hope that you will continue to join me on this journey.  First, we want to make sure we know why we’re here.

JNC exists to encourage Christians to walk closer to Christ,  becoming more like Him.

Christians — young , old, married, single, student, professional, or retired — grow as they move near to God through the Spirit, listening to the Lord and His Word, and following Him. Christians grow as they increasingly love God and others more sincerely. Christians grow as they learn from one another .  Christians are not lone rangers.  Therefore, we have many reasons to utilize technology to reach out to each other and help one another.  We need each other.

Christian growth is a life-long process of transformation that will culminate in heaven with our new bodies and pure hearts. Throughout eternity, we will continue to grow more beautiful and loving, more wise and capable, more thankful and joyful, more worshipful and more like our Savior.  With this as our future, we look unto Him, the author and finisher of our salvation (Heb. 12: 2).

Question: What life experience happened this summer that caused you to change in any way for the better?

*In my last post in June, I indicated that we would move JNC to my website, Accentmarks. Since then, we’ve decided to keep the two separate. I invite you to visit my new blog at, which you can access from this page.  You’ll find some different themes and topics there.

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One thought on “Journey North Character: New Look; Same Heart

  1. debra

    love the picture of you in the hat!!!!!

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