I didn’t post an article last week — just too divided. A bit scattered. So many things to do. There’s something fun and positive about this and something negative.   I’m thankful that I have numerous activities, projects, and interests. I’m thankful that I have enough strength and energy to pursue them!  I’m so glad that the God-given sense of wonder at life and the joy of discovery have not died with long-gone youth!!!

On the other hand, I’m aware of the need for more self-discipline. That is it. Self-discipline. It’s necessary for focus and follow-through.  (Otherwise, one activity distracts me from another, and this often happens.) Self-discipline is character development.  Self-discipline is the muscular exercise of the mind and the will in the soul’s gymnasium. It results in an orderly life. (Sounds good, doesn’t it?)

What are all these activities, projects, and interests?  Well, now that I’m not writing this blog for the school, I can be more personal. Yes, I have been personal at times, but I was using some of my stories to illustrate character growth for this blog, Journey North Character! Now, I can be more casual and personal about what’s going on in my life right now, even if it doesn’t illustrate something. However, there’s always a lesson for the picking in any situation!

I’m out here in Arizona, distracted by beauty (on one level, beauty more rugged than delicate, but there’s plenty of delicate beauty too that’s in stunning contrast to the rugged — increasing the WOW factor). In the mornings I walk with one, two, or three neighbor ladies. In the summer, we walk from 5:30-6:30, while it’s still cool and the sun is peeking over the Mingus Mountains and then striking its rays across the sky, floodlighting the Bradshaw Mountains on the other side of the wide valley. Mountains to the south of us. Mountains to the north of us. And we ladies meander around the curving streets of our countryside.  Chatter, chatter. The hour goes fast. Now that it’s fall and the temperatures are cooler, we’re walking from 7:00 to 8:00.  Chatter, chatter. Often, we stop and gawk at nature’s play on the landscape.  There are few clouds now in the sky to converse with the mountains, valley, and sun. But when there are, nature’s dialogue gets pretty dramatic.  There’s one delightful distraction.

So, my day starts with a walk in the Word with the Lord and a walk with my neighbor friends. Other activities and projects?  Hmm. This is getting long enough,so I’ll post the list next time.

I’m what most would call “retired” now, but life still feels pretty new to me. Lots to learn. Lots to explore. I’m not fast. I’m not very coordinated. However, my heart is ticking, my mind is moving, and my spiritual heart is loving. I accept all blessings and try to pass on what I can. This is the day that the Lord has made. . . .

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2 thoughts on “Scattered

  1. debra

    enjoyed reading this little peek into your life out there!
    hopefully i will be able to come out sometime and experience it myself- but only during the 7-8 walking season 🙂

    • kltolsen

      Ha, Deb! Would love to have you out during the 7-8:00 a.m. walking season! Well, we don’t have to walk in the morning when you are here, because you’ll want to take a number of day trips which will give you plenty of walking time! Our house makes a wonderful vacation hub, making day trips to the Grand Canyon, Verde Valley, Sedona and Jerome, Montezuma’s Castle, Prescott National Forest and lakes. . . . There also are fascinating museums.. . . And then, some days you can just hang out at our house and enjoy pleasant weather, good company (hopefully), and activities at Quailwood Community Center here in our planned community. Well, tempting, isn’t it? God is good. Love ya, girl!

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