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Yes, lots to explore. Lots to learn! Last time I wrote of being scattered because I’m distracted by so many fascinations. The list of distractions has no end, as long as my heart is beating. So today I find a stack of delightful distractions right here in my house.  What delightful distractions surround you?

I’m sitting at my dining room table which is dressed in fall colors to celebrate our favorite season. On October 17 we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. Paul took me to a classy and historic restaurant in Prescott, and then we meandered around the courthouse square holding hands. So yes, this is our favorite season.

Back at my dining room table, I’m surrounded by distractions I’ve piled on the table.  First, a stack of theology texts remind me that I need to complete my bibliography for a Christology research paper that is due next week. I have finished the first draft, answering such questions as “What is the nature of the unity of the dual natures of Christ as deity and humanity, balancing the two natures in one person?” Another question I am required to address in this paper, among a few others, regards an understanding of where Christ was during the three days of His burial. Did He descend into “hell,” and what is this “hell” concept in this claim? Woe. Heavy stuff.

Next to this stack is a copy of The Complete Adventures of Curious George by Hans Augusto Rey and his wife Margret. Did you know that they were a Jewish couple who escaped Paris just hours before the German army invaded the French capital on June 14, 1940? Our grandson, Aiden, loves Curious George. We hope to Skype with him and read some stories to him from our big book .  Also, I’m writing stories for my two grandsons and hope to have another one prepared for Christmas. I like to read good children’s literature and study the illustrations to get good ideas. I hope to share my stories on Skype with Aiden. (His little brother is about 7 months old, so he’s not yet ready for story time with Nana and Papa O.)

Behind my laptop is a copy of the Bible with the Apocrypha in it. Have you ever read the Apocrypha?  I had not, except for a few quotations. I’ve been reading more about it in my studies, so I thought it’s time to go straight to the source and get more of a handle on this set of 14-15 “books” that were written during the Inter-testamental period, were included in the Septuagint, and even found their way into the King James Version of 1611. Very interesting reading!

Then I have Huston Smith’s text, The World’s Religions on my table, and I’m reading the chapter on Hinduism for my World Religions class. I’m also working on a research paper in which I’m to observe and evaluate Hinduism through the perspective of a Jewish person. Well. There’s a twist. Just studying Hinduism is a fascinating exploration, but to “see” it through the lens of Judaism does challenge me!

On the far end of my dining room table sets my orange and green tea pot that was filled with peach tea this morning for a JOY Tea Talk  (neighborhood Bible study) which I’ve been holding each Friday morning.  I am so thankful for the ladies and our growing friendship.

Yes, lots to learn. Lots to explore!  I suppose your explorations differ from mine, but your days are full, so I pray that you can find the adventure in them, learn from them, laugh when it helps you deal with the hurt, and trust God through it all. The best is yet to come!

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