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A Biblical Framework for Interpreting Spiritual Realities

Ahh. I’ve been wanting to dig into this study of spirituality for months. The first quarter of 2019 is over with all of its activities: a month in Florida, recovery back home, doctor and medical visits, planning for Grand Camp, holding a week long Grand Camp with our grandsons at our house, and recovering from all its hubbub! All these activities as well as many unplanned distractions involved spirituality — spirituality woven into the fabric of daily living.

I had to put all of my study materials away before the two boys came to spend a week with Nana and Papa O during their spring break. Planning Grand Camp was a blessed obsession. Living through the blessed craziness — well,  I can’t say that I’ve totally recovered.

Nonetheless, this afternoon, I chose the main guest room as my studio for this study. I collected Bibles, reference books, and my stack of books on our topic.  Now, I had been simmering on this topic months ago. Where are those notes? Happily, I found them. Continue reading

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Introduction: Spiritually Speaking…

“When someone talks about spirituality or being spiritual, what do you think of?  What do you think the other person is thinking of?”

In my January post, “Deeper and Deeper,”  I began with these two questions but then  did not directly address them.

So, I want to return to those questions as springboards to initiate JNC’s new series on Spirituality.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that in the last several decades there has been a surge of interest in “spirituality” of all sorts. How do you respond?

I grew up in a spiritual home. Continue reading

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Curious Karen

Yes, lots to explore. Lots to learn! Last time I wrote of being scattered because I’m distracted by so many fascinations. The list of distractions has no end, as long as my heart is beating. So today I find a stack of delightful distractions right here in my house.  What delightful distractions surround you? Continue reading

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