Chapter 2: The Ground Under Our Feet

Today’s post will not be long. I have another chapter to offer you along with some gorgeous pictures of our back yard in fabulous fall colors. I hope the pictures make you smile. And if you want to explore the chapter, you can.

I’ll only post one or two more chapters, and then then I’ll go back to writing my regular, topical blog posts (which may sometimes relate to the book). I will be taking down my chapters by the end of the year, so they will not be permanently on this blog site.  If you’d like for me to write on a particular topic, do submit a comment and let me know!

Since my last post almost a month ago,

Paul and I have taken a trip to California to visit seven dear friends and visit some of the places we have loved from the days when we first met, there in the Santa Cruz – Mount Hermon area.

Returning home, we spent time in Ohio with a close friend whose mother died  while we were in California and her husband.

We returned home in time to celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary, but my body did not cooperate. It rebelled, so I was miserable and sick for a few weeks, which is the way I recover from traveling.  Giving me solace and joy while I rested on our recliner in our sunroom, our beautiful back yard broke out in flaming colors to celebrate autumn.  This prepared me to study again!

Research, reflect, simmer, and write. So, today I have another chapter draft to let you explore from the book I’m writing, A Traveler’s Guide Through Suffering and Joy.

Click on the following to open the chapter as a Word document:

Chapter 2- The Ground Under Our Feet

There you go. Maybe some of you would like to print it and work through it. I’d love your input. 

I’ll conclude with some delightful photos, mostly behind our house and one in front:

Flaming Maple in back yard, seen from our sunroom.

                                            Our flaming Maple directly behind our sunroom.


Tangerine colors trickle down this Maple by the pergola.  The sun peaks through the billowing clouds.










From the kitchen window. Can you see our two deer sculptures in the far back?  I’ve named them Cecil and Emogine.


On a cloudy day before the rain, this proud Maple flaunts its burnished hues.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 2: The Ground Under Our Feet

  1. bevbuckin

    Karen’I just had time to read your 2nd chapter and found it gave me a lot to ponder on.  You are wonderful at expresses yourself and may God bless you as you continue to work on your study.  I’ll look forward to purchasing the book.  Your pictures of your yard are breath-taking.  I’m doing fine continuing to find joy in the midst of the sufferings of life.  The present season has been mostly joy.LoveBev

    • Karen Thomas Olsen

      So wonderful to hear from you, Bev!!!
      Thank you for your encouragement and prayers!
      Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  2. Rick Shepherd

    Karen, your home and yard are beautiful!….You and Paul have done well!…..Happy Thanksgiving!…..We love our home, country and people in the North Georgia Mountains…..Rick and Mary Shepherd

    • Karen Thomas Olsen

      Thank you, Rick! We’ll be going through Georgia next year, so maybe we can see your mountain views and your wonderful place!

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