From Richard Wurmbrand to Our Suffering Sovereign

I’ve finished another chapter draft in the book I am writing, A Traveler’s Guide through Suffering and Joy. I will give you a link to it below. This is how the chapter starts:

Richard Wurmbrand retells a fascinating Jewish legend in his book, 100 Prison Meditations. Moses is sitting at a well when three men, one at a time, stop by. (Apparently, Moses is simply an observer, out of sight.)

The first man unknowingly loses his purse of money in the sand. After he leaves, a second man passes through, finds the purse lying in the sand by the well and gladly takes it with him. Later, a third man comes to the well, drinks, and falls asleep there. The first man returns for his purse and kills the innocent, third man, believing him to be the thief.

Moses questions God. God answers, “For once and only once, I will give you an explanation. I cannot do it at every step. The first man was a thief’s son. The purse contained money stolen by his father from the father of the second, who finding the purse, only found what was due him. The third was a murderer whose crime had never been revealed and who received from the first the punishment he deserved. In the future, believe that there is sense and righteousness in what transpires even when you do not understand.”[1]

This is a legend, but it illustrates that the human mind finds rationality in suffering only when a retributive (sow-reap) cause is recognized. This is fair play. 

A bit later in the chapter, I tell you why Wurmbrand tells this story. He did not tell it to illustrate what I just said the legend illustrates.  Wurmbrand gives us perspective, but he gives even more than perspective. He offers handles for holding on to life and God. In this chapter I tell you his “answer” to evil, which takes us right back to the Scriptures and to our own lives. 

Here is the chapter for you to access. Just click below:

Chapter 4- More Ground Under Our Feet

Well, I’ve changed the title to chapter 4, but the above is the chapter.

I have divided the chapter of introduction into two chapters, so the numbers for chapter 1-3 are off. But I have posted the first drafts of that material for you in the last few months and you can still pull that material up on this blog until the end of the year.

This chapter 4 starts with Richard Wurmbrand and moves to other true stories involving: All Creation, Abel, Hagar, Hannah, Mephibosheth, Jerry Sittser, and God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Feel free to print out the chapter and work through it. 

I will share one more chapter with you plus the table of contents so you can see the direction. 

Recently, a dear friend visited us and talked with me in person about my chapters thus far, and her input was very helpful. She has looked at the chapters as both a “student” working through it and as a leader of a group going through it. This was helpful to me.

This is not a fluff study. Not everyone will want to work through it or skim through it, but it will be available for those who need and can be benefited by such a guide.

If you have comments, please let me know! Submit a response. If you don’t want me to post your response, just say so. Every response has to be approved. I appreciate input!

Thanksgiving Day is next week. May you take time to reflect, to “count your blessings,” and to pass on a few blessings to others!











[1] Richard Wurmbrand, 100 Prison Meditations (Bartlesville, OK, 2000),17.

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