Part 1: “The Beauty of Truth” and other Ravi Thoughts

It was just one week ago today.

I was comfortably positioned on our leather, sectional sofa in the living room, reading the news online on my laptop. An article referenced the seriousness of Ravi Zacharias’ recent, cancer battle. A minute later, the page refreshed itself (or did I click on something that refreshed it? I don’t know), and suddenly a new headline announced that Ravi’s daughter had posted that her father passed away that very morning, May 19.

I sat quietly. I didn’t call to Paul, who was upstairs. A stunning stillness washed over me. All of my adult life, Ravi Zacharias and his ministry have been “out there,” a kind of soothing encouragement, support, and inspiration. Aware of my emotional- physical-spiritual response to this news, I remembered my response to a phone call from my Aunt Miriam, sixteen years ago, to inform us that my father had just passed away, unexpectedly soon, although expected within the year, of cancer. My response then was also quietness in my spirit mixed with an utter surrender. I want to come back to the meaning of this response, but not in this initial post in this new series. First, “take a listen.”

Here is a lovely, Ravi presentation called “The Beauty of Truth.” It is only a half hour presentation (including the introduction), but oh, so wise and gracious. Just what we need today. (If the video begins in the middle when you click on it, move it back to the beginning of his presentation or the beginning of the recording which includes a 5 minute introduction.)

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Stay with me! We will pick up from here in the next post!




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2 thoughts on “Part 1: “The Beauty of Truth” and other Ravi Thoughts

  1. Anonymous

    Always enjoy your caring, loving, thought provoking ideas and suggestions! Take care , be safe!! Peace and love is what this world needs ginormously ! Spiritual hugs to all šŸ™‚

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