The G. of G. #3: How Do You Build a Biblical Worldview to Apply to Politics?

Over two weeks have passed since I posted my last article in this series, The Grammar of Government. Since then, the trees have broken out in vibrant colors. Paul and I spent four days camping with two dear friends in Pokagon State Park along Lake James, just 40 minutes north of our home here in Indiana. And politics rolls on.

Our president has encountered COVID19, fought the battle with impressive medical assistance and through God’s grace, and now he seems to be even more energetic. A fascinating and helpful Vice Presidential candidate debate occurred. A Presidential candidate debate was cancelled. Political town halls and rallies are happening.  The Senate this week has held hearings to scrutinize Amy Coney Barrett (currently a circuit court judge for the seventh circuit of the US Court of Appeals, who was chosen by President Trump to fill the Supreme Court seat left open by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Senators bloviated. Barrett articulated. Delightfully or begrudgingly, the audience recognized in ACB refined, humble, well-rounded greatness.

How do Christians build a biblical worldview and apply it to civic and political involvement in our Constitutional Republic? In this post, rather than my writing my views, I want to pass on to you a number of articles and a resource that you can explore online to assist you in this pursuit.

I hope that these will encourage you in your personal prayer, research, and decision-making on behalf of our country. You may want to mark these sites to come back to them as you can.

The main source is the Pray Vote Stand website:

Here you can access the series of four articles called the Biblical Worldview series. You can access each of the four, full articles or read an abbreviated version of each article. You may want to read first the abbreviated version to get the scope and direction before reading the full version. This has been my approach. I have not completed my reading of all the full length versions, but of what I’ve read, I am seriously impressed with the depth and development of reasoned, biblical thought and argument. I hope more articles will be written on more topics (and I wish I could be a research writer on the team!).

I would like to hear what you think of them, and I’ll try to offer some responses as well.

The titles are as follows:

  1. Biblical Principles for Political Engagement
  2. Biblical Principles for Human Sexuality
  3. Biblical Principles for Pro-life Engagement
  4. Biblical Principles for Religious Liberty

All four are researched and written by David Closson, a young scholar I would love to meet!!

So, I’m not going to develop this post any further in the hopes that you’ll trek over to this site offering these thoughtful articles, prayer guides, and other material and videos that Family Research Council has made available.

I hope you check these out!

You may develop some of your views differently or come to some differing conclusions than do David Closson and FRC, but can you biblically support your views? I think that you’ll find his presentations very beneficial as you process your beliefs, stances, and decisions. Truly, let us evaluate our thinking in light of biblical teaching, and let us pray, vote, and stand (Ephesians 6:10-18).

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile,

and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.

Jeremiah 29: 7

Ahh. Here’s a book of letters that provides Tocqueville’s own primary documentation he used to write his famous work, Democracy in America. I wonder what he would write about America today?


BTW, this Saturday Paul and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary! Talk about greatness!


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