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For Your Progress and Joy in the Faith

You’ll find this phrase, “for your progress and joy in the faith,” in the middle of a Pauline passage, Philippians 1: 21-26, which needs to be read within the context of the entire, little epistle.

It is true that I did not post anything in the month of February. I have a draft that I never finished, and I’m not going to use it. I am starting with a fresh focus today that has been simmering in my mind recently, and it awoke me this morning: “for your progress and joy in the faith.” Such an intriguing thought nested within Paul’s themes.

I found this picture at the Good Samaritan Mission. It fits perfectly with the class I taught there called A Traveler’s Guide through Suffering and Joy.

Though a fresh focus, it fits well with my last post, my January post, which caused a number of you to contact me personally via email, phone, and even by card through the postal system! I felt a need to be more personal, because it is easy for us to simplify, unintentionally, those people who write or speak, because we do not see them in their contexts. So I gave you a bit more of my context. Thank you for your caring touches.

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A Devotional Scope on “A Lively Hope”

Paul and I spent 24 days at Mick and Lilly’s in The Villages, Florida recently, helping them settle in at their new home. (Note previous post. Scroll down to see some pictures.)

Now, we are at The Good Samaritan Mission in Florida (in the Sun City Center area) where Paul is helping them move their store front office back to the mission property (long story). I help in smaller ways, such as putting stamps on letters, making meals, and interacting with folks. Yesterday, I helped with a little tea luncheon for a new volunteer. Sweet fellowship with just three ladies. Lots of action around here. (Scroll down to see some pictures.)

Whether in The Villages or here at Good Samaritan’s, I find it hard to carve out sufficient study-write time. I keep losing my momentum, but I know I need to be involved in the needs of the situation around me. That’s why we’re here. I love the people….

Today’s post will be simpler than the last post. I made the previous one too complicated. I hope you are patient with me!

I’ve been pouring over the book of I Peter again, which has so much to say about suffering and joy. Today, I’d like to consider some observations and reflections mainly on I Peter 1: 3 ( in context through verse 9) which speaks of a “lively hope,” as it is so intriguingly worded in the KJV. What is a “lively hope”?

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